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At 1A we cater for everyone who wishes to learn, perfect or master their stunt or wheelie capabilities. We offer wheelie simulators which are a great way to learn the basics of a wheelie in a controlled environment, through to practicing new stunts before tackling them on your stunt bike or ours on our stunt training field days.

Wheelie Training Simulators

Obviously its stupidly fun but there is far more that you could achive by using a simulator in any professional field. Firstly balance, balance requied to perform a wheel stand on a motorcycle is extremely high and varies depending on the person and the bike. As well as the finest art of throttle control (which a lot of riders are lacking) clutch control, and use of that other brake pedal which you use only once or twice while learning to ride (also commonly known as the foot brake)

Our lesson structure will be similar to that of a personal trainer at a gym, with individuals having a tailored course to suit their ability and understanding.

Whether you have never had the front wheel leave the ground or consider yourself to be a stunt god, everyone can further their understanding of their bike control on a wheelie simulator (which is not actually that easy to do)

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Stunt Training (next-levels)

Once you have used and picked up basic skills on our wheelie training simulators, we offer next-level stunt training where people who want to hone their skills, learn to hold balance point, pull off mint idle wheelies and even break into the world of stunt riding can do so.

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