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"The Next Level"

If you want to learn to wheelie and are keen to learn some basics then the wheelie simulator experience is all you need.

BUT if you’re interested in learning to hold the balance point or perform a flawless idle wheelie then "The Next Level" will give you the foundation you need to break into the world of stunt riding.

Our sessions begin in the mid to late afternoon on the simulators. Then, we move to the stunt pad where you will hone your skills on the Kawasaki 636 stunt bike with our purpose built wheelie training cage attached. With our guidance you can build confidence on the bike and learn some truly elite and technical new skills.

Booking your training experience at One Addiction

NOTE: Currently we are not running our Next Level Training, only our wheelie simulators which are a prerequisite to being eligible for the Next Level Training. This will be back up soon, so stay in touch, register your interest with our team and keep an eye on our facebook page for updates.

For events, group discounts or any queries, send us a pm through our facebook page or call.

What to bring on the day

We require you to wear full riding gear when participating in our stunt training courses. This includes approved riding helmet, jacket, gloves, pants and boots.